Clients’ Feedback on My Assignment

Yoke Yee + Keng Foo
Hi Agnes, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge “THANK YOU”. You are a wonderful makeup artist, who is understanding, kind and professional. You always worked with me to find the perfect look for my special day (Pre Wedding and Actual Wedding day) and was always ready to listen to my needs. My make up was so natural and gorgeous. Loving it so much! Words can’t express how grateful I am for all your help. You truly played a part in making our wedding so special!
Yoke Yee


Arina + Eric
We actually had loads of fun, taking our wedding pictures in Paris.
We literally walked around town in suit & gown, savouring hotdogs from the foodstand like any tourist would do. Oh yes, we locked our lock @ Love Bridge too ~
Some shots we were more adventerous to climb up certain pavements. Else, how to get up so high? Haha. Thank god we didnt break any bones.
We’ll post up some funny photos at the end of the album, so that all of us can have some laughs later, aight?
Edwin Tan & Agnes Yip must’ve heard this many times, but we will still sing our praises. Thank you for guiding us along the shoot, we woke up early together (5.30am for make-up), run around together, learned some tips (no chu zui pose), and glad Edwin Tan took potraits photos to be shared with our parents as well.
This time, I would like to say thank you to Jasmine Hue, for all the effort and detailed preparations done with us before our shoot. Appreciate every single advise and attention given during wedding dress try-out sessions, to gown-fitting, to video making, to car decoration. I can officially say, you are the person I met most in preparing for the wedding. Haha !

Jasmine + Michael
Dear Armadale,
My husband and i would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.We are extremely glad we choose Armadale.With no doubt ,you guys are the best in the industry. The Armadale experience has been amazing.Since day 1 i stepped into your place , everyone has been so pleasant and accommodating. Joanne Lewand Jasmine Hue ,thank you so much for being so sweet and calm especially during my bridezilla moments.jasmine hue you have been very patient and entertained all my request.It been a pleasuring dealing with you ladies.
Dear Edwin Tan,
You are an exceptionally amazing photographer. You take the most beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for coming all the way to dubai for the pre wedding shoot.Your one of the most humble and kindest photographer i have ever came across. Please thank agnes on my behalf,for all her magic making me look like a beautiful bride.My family and in laws keep complementing your pictures,they are truly amazed by your work.You and foong truly captured all the beautiful moments on our big day that we will treasure for the rest of our life.
Dear Liew Szet Foong,
You can’t imagine how much everyone loved the video.So many compliments from all our guest.My family and friends told me they watch the video over and over. It is extremely beautiful,it really made many people cry.Michael and i loved it very much.
Thank you once again Armadale,for making the most important day in our live,exceptionally beautiful.We are looking forward to see the rest,I’m sure it will be amazing.
Joey + Scott
Dear Edwin & Agnes !
Many many thanks for everything today!
Both of you are so helpful and great at guiding us in this photography session!
Agnes your make up & hairdo is awesome, neat and elegant!
Edwin, the photos you capture were really remarkable, stunning & amazing ! Thumbs up
We truly appreciated both of your professionalism here. Looking forward to see our photos
Convey our thank to Edy as well !Regards
Scott & Joeyp.s both of us so freaking sleepy now haha, if we knew both of you so good in your job then we might able to sleep well last night
Peter + Janice
Thanks Edwin and Agnes for the awesome pictures… We both enjoyed every moment and every clicks from both of you…


Mattias + Eunice
Hi Edwin,
Sorry for our delay in reply. We know this thank you letter is long overdue.
From the very start we had such high hopes invested in you and we knew that you wouldn’t disappoint us or let us down …and you really haven’t!
We’re blown away by all of the photos, there isn’t a single image we don’t like. In fact we couldn’t pick them for the slideshow and in such short of time. I remember back to when I first messaged you that I’m getting married (finally) and how I waited in anticipation and fear that the hiring of such a high-end photographer all the way from Malaysia to Dubai would be far out of our price range. We wanted a memory in this beautiful city where Mattias & I first met . What most would’ve thought of as a summer romance turned to be something real , real enough to build a life together in a country far away from home. J So, right from the very outset you were exactly what I wanted and told Mattias about you. He approved you instantly so we agreed to go for it, and you didn’t disappoint! Your generosity, style and ability to take stunning contemporary photographs has truly blown us away. So there you go – thank you for being such an amazing photographer for our pre-wed and witnessed our simple ROM. And we totally loved the professional makeup and hairdo by Agnes – a classic set that could swing and move but off my face. Not forgetting Jasmine and Joanne for the help on the beautiful gowns and for the great customer service. We adored your NEW red gown so much; I am totally over the moon with the photographs taken of me in it. And the collection of gowns Armadele has is superior, though I had to reduce the dress count due to tight event schedule. Joanne was so sweet and understanding. All your top notched recs/referrals/associates were spot-on too, and pleasure to work with. Our appreciation to Json and the crew, Jovita Lo Weddings for the wonderful memories for us and our guests.Once again, “Thank You” a million times over.
Love, Mattias & Eunice
Sandra + Andrew
Dear Edwin & team,
Thank you for the lovely pre-wedding photos and sharing the photos on time as promised.
First of all, we would like to give a big thanks to Jasmine for helping Sandra to select her gowns for the pre wedding shoot. Jasmine is jolly and easy to get on with. She understands Sandra’s pattern very well and know what type of gowns to select for her after the first gown try out session. Thank youu Jasmine:) Sandra really loves the champagne gown and the stunning red evening gown!
And of course, with such beautiful gowns, it has to be complimented by a very skillful make up artist, Agnes. At first, Sandra was nervous on how her make up will turn up to be because it was the first time for her to make up by someone she is not familiar with. However, it turned up to be excellent! Sandra felt very comfortable with Agnes all the time as they can “ke po” so much together.
Last but not least, a big round of applause to our first class photographer, Edwin. He is a flexible man. Before we began our road trip in Tasmania, he reminded us that we can always request to do some shooting if we see any beautiful sceneries. He volunteered himself to drive for the whole day. Sorry for ‘bbq-ing’ your hands 🙁 .
Edwin’s photographer skills as well as posing skills are excellent! Thank you for teaching us ‘newbies’ to pose differently during the shooting. Haha. Another good thing about him is that he showed us the photos after shooting at each single spot to make sure that we are happy with it. He is someone who really knows customer’s need.
We will surely recommend your fantastic team to our friends!
Once again, thank you very much for giving us a memorable once in a lifetime experience.
Sandra & Andrew

Wen Ming + Jenq Uei
Despite the rush and hustle, crazy traffic in Bali, we managed to pull through the mountains, the sea , a crazy horse and a quaint and vintage French cafe in the beautiful island of Bali.
Thanks Edwin Tan for the wonderful pictures and Agnes Yip for the make-up & hairdo
it will be an experience that we would not forget.

Kin Weng + Elaine
Dear team from Armadale Wedding,
3 months has passed since our wedding day and I know this has been long overdue, but Kin Weng and I would like to take this opportunity to extend our greatest gratitude and thanks to your team for the wonderful job you have done to make our wedding day so special.
I remember that our first consultation occured about 1 1/2 years ago at your Damansara studio. Ever since then, we had a great pre-wedding photography experience at Putrajaya Pullman and UPM. Thereafter, we have successfully pulled through a very busy schedule on our wedding day.
We are thankful to your team for the beautiful bridal dresses (received many compliments from family and friends), beautiful photos, same-day
edits and professional attitude from Edwin and his team, great pre-wedding makeup by Agnes, and the wonderful Joanne and Jasmine for always giving me the best for everything: friendly, patient (for my sometimes ever changing appointments), and dedicated.
Having looked back at our photos, we’ve been reminded that the success of this beautiful event was driven from the dedication and hard work of the team. Thank you all!
Wishing you all every success you deserve.
With love,
Elaine & Kin Weng

Brian + Irene
Thank you Armadale Weddings for such a good services. .
Thanks Jasmine, for assisting my fiancé gowns and also keeping the white beautiful gown that my fiancé loved!
Thank you Edwin Tan, not only you created us a fabulous/ great/outstanding/fantastic photo, you do also create us a wonderful experiences.
Thank you Agnes Yip, you make my fiancé the most beautiful girl. ️
Great Team and People. Making my pre-wed a wonderful one️

Clinton + Carmen
After my hubby and I had some pictures taken by a photographer in UK where we got married, I was not entirely satisfied with the quality of photographs produced. I then came across the Asia’s Top 30 Wedding Photographer post and was looking through the photographers who are based in Malaysia’s portfolio. The moment I clicked into Edwin’s blog, I was so impressed by his work and I think that he is such an inspiring and creative photographer. His work captures the special moments of each couple and his photography perspective is really artistic. Based on that, I booked him right away for a pre-wed shoot for when I get back to Malaysia. Edwin was very helpful via emails as that was the only method I could contact him since I was still in UK at that time. On the day of the shoot, I met with Agnes first for make-up and hairdo. She was really easy to get along with and we were chatting away as she was doing my hair and make-up. Once she was done, I went up to the mirror to see my new transformation and I was entirely wow-ed by her skills. My hair was done in a way I’ve never imagined I could pull off and she did a perfect job! She made me look so classy. As for the make-up, need I say more?? She’s probably the best make-up artist I’ve ever encountered in my life. Sadly, on that day, the weather was pretty poor and it was raining pretty much the whole day. Edwin was very helpful in suggesting alternative options as he was worried that we would not be able to get good shots. In the end, we managed to find some spots with shelter, even had some rain shots and some night shots. It was a really fun experience as he engaged with my hubby and I really well to ensure that we are not too stiff or nervous in front of the camera. He did his best and put his photography skills to work despite the weather challenge. We’ve just received the pictures in the thumb drive the other day and all of the pictures came out absolutely gorgeous. I don’t usually look good in photos and does not like taking photos but I really find that the pictures he took of us is SO GOOD! My hubby and I are entirely satisfied with the whole experience and the end results. We’re glad we chose Edwin as our photographer. Now, we’ll get to show off these beautiful pictures to our friends and family and to our kids in the future! He’s not Asia’s Top 30 Wedding Photographer. To me, he’s Asia’s Top Wedding Photographer. Thanks Edwin and Agnes!

Feedback from Client : Alice and Shaun

it all started in Paris, that was when me and my beautiful wife started our amazing adventure with Edwin and team.

For many wedding couples out there, I believe it would be your first time taking your wedding photo. Threading into the unknown, not knowing what to expect and what to do.

We engaged Edwin for 3 shoots, 1st pre-wedding in Paris, 2nd actual day wedding in Singapore and 3rd dinner in Malaysia. I had thousands of photos and having a headache choosing what would be the best photos for us…

During all the shoots Edwin will guide us patiently and tell us what to do. He is very professional and always on the lookout for angled shots and he is good at using natural light and reflective surfaces to add flavour and character in every shot. As a result, many beautiful photos.We are honoured with some photos with awards in the 2012 International Loupe awards and also features in Wedding Tatler.

We also credit Edwin’s assistant Alan who is also a very skilled photographer who takes really nice closeup shots. Thank you Alan, we really love your photos as well. Credits also to Agnes who did my wife’s beautiful makeup in Paris.

For those out there who are scared or dont trust someone else easily, to engage his services, i can only share that Edwin is not here for a 1-time transaction, he is here for the long run and because of the credibility he has established over the years, alot of his business are through referrals and word of mouth.We would like to thank Edwin,& team (Agnes, Alan & all) for the beautiful photos and the experience you have given us.

Best Regards

Shaun & Alice